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Marathon achievements from Susan and Hillary!

Covid maybe putting a spanner in the works for many running events, but that hasn't stopped Susan and Hillary from competing this Autumn, both completing marathons on 4th October;

Hillary took a route from Penzance to Truro, this is what she had to say about it..

The decision to do the virtual 40th London Marathon was a bit of an impulse to join Rob who was determined to get his T-shirt! It wasn't the best of days and no crowds, but it was strangely nice to be able to choose our own route (Penzance to Truro), not to have to dodge and dive through hundreds of other runners, and not to have the logistical hassles that you usually have to contend with. Even though we were slow, the time went amazingly quickly and we finished with a well-earned pint. The new normal has quite a lot going for it actually.

Meanwhile a few hundred miles away in Winchester Susan completed the Clarendon Marathon a Covid-secure organised event....

“ October 4th Storm Alex in full flow and the first real race since before lockdown, the Clarendon marathon. The start in Salisbury was staggered which meant no hanging around in the torrential rain I just turned up had my name ticked off and set off. The route is off road, up hills and more hills until the end in Winchester. The paths were very slippery with puddles up to mid calf, down hill being particularly treacherous. The path was not crowded but there was usually at least 2 or 3 other runners in sight. Towards the end it became more crowded as faster and slower runners converged.

I finished in 4.47 was 19/90 females and first in my age category. There are advantages of getting old! “

Well done to Both of you!

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