Couch to 5K in 2022

running couple for 5k.jpg

A running plan for beginners.  Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit. Brixham Harriers are again running a nine week program using the NHS Couch to 5K App starting Tuesday 11th January.  The group will meet at 18.00 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at The Admiral Swimming Pool, and will walk/run for forty five minutes in this area. You will need to complete one other session at the weekend, but you will have the App to guide you through this.  The sessions are for 9 weeks.  The first two weeks are free, after that the course will cost £16 which includes membership of the running club until the end of March 2023.


How do I Join in? Just download the App One you Couch to 5k to your phone from iTunes or Google Play (don’t worry if you can’t do this you still can do the group without the App), complete the form below to bring with you on your first evening.


Please book your place by either the Training page on this site or via Brixham Harriers Facebook page so we know you’re coming… for Brixham Harriers.

Please stay safe, respect social distancing and do not run if you are unwell or live with someone who is unwell.

Also please wear something reflective.  This can be a reflective tabard or straps or lights.

Download the App