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3 Marathons in 5 weeks.....

I its been a pretty turbulent time in the running world recently due to the pandemic. This Autumn, as things start to return to normal, there have been a flurry of rearranged races , which has kept one member rather busy.

Susan ended up doing Loch Ness , Exe estuary and Barcelona marathons in the space of just 5 weeks and shares some of the highlights below..............................

Loch Ness

This was a fast on road course through beautiful countryside with around 4000 participants. We were bussed to the start many miles from Inverness and ran back to the city mainly along the lake. It was very friendly with lots of supporters near the end.

The Exe Estuary

This was much more low key event with about a hundred runners. It went from Exmouth along the Exe on footpaths and cycle tracks to Exeter where we went round a Marshall and then back to Exmouth. It was well organised with plenty of drink stops. I ran it at a steady pace in preparation for my third race three weeks later.....


A big city marathon with all the razzmatazz that goes with it! Most of the entrants seemed to be Spanish although they said over 80 nationalities were represented. Only one in 5 were female; I don’t think running is popular amongst Southern European women. There were supporters all around the course. I would recommend it if you would like a city marathon experience and an interesting place to go

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