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Carl races the tide to Burgh Island

The weekend Carl took part in a 15.5 mile race, with the added time pressure of a tidal cut-off, in the picturesque village of Bigbury -on-sea and shares his experience with us here...

I started so well, flying along and feeling invincible, despite knowing I’d have 600m of ascent over the whole course, a touch worried that I’d gone off too fast, but it felt so good. I Did the first 10K in 55 mins, yes I was going too fast and was going to pay!

Across the River Erme at low tide and into the really difficult section. Four miles of steeply undulating coast path, and the walking began. I might have run some of those hills at the start of the race, but an hour in, having gone off too quickly, no chance! Still, I managed to run the downs and flats, but then a misplaced foot. A curse, but no discernible impact.

Off the coast path and a respectable sub-six minute kilometre, and then. Boom, may energy was gone and it felt like I was running sideways. I’d aimed for 2hr40m, was more like 3hrs. But I enjoyed the woods, the coast path with the sea stretching out to infinity, rolling hills and the ever friendly event crew and other runners.

I have run plenty of Half marathons without loosing so much energy, so I wonder if this was down to my over-enthusiastic starting pace, or not getting the training or nutrition quite right... but there is always next time!

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