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Susan Finally does Tokyo!

After a 3 year pandemic-induced delay, Susan finally took her place on the start-line of the Tokyo Marathon, having completed the other 5 world majors, this was the final piece in the jigsaw to realise her ambition to run all six of the world major marathons and receive a much coveted award. Now basking in the glory of her achievement and enjoying a little rest and sight-seeing Susan shares her experience with us here

Having arrived a few days ahead and therefore being there on a Saturday of course I had to do parkrun, but this turned out to be more stressful than the marathon itself.....

Masks are still compulsory in Japan but I set off without one so had to go back to the hotel, then I forgot my rail ticket and had to retrace my steps again, which meant that the train we got was therefore later than planned and time was getting tight. We arrived where we had to change trains and jumped on just in time but David was just too late, the doors closed the train departed... and then I realised that it was the wrong train!

I retraced my steps, David had given up and gone back to the hotel. I got the right train and arrived at the station to see parkrun below me setting off.

I ran to the start and set off in pursuit of the tail-walker, in the end I didn’t come last and claimed a Japanese parkrun.

Tokyo Marathon

The next day was more relaxed. I got on the correct rain this time and arrived at the start with an hour to queue for the loo and enjoy the atmosphere.

It was a flat course with lots of out-and-backs so we could see runners going the other way. The weather was cool to start with but got hotter as the morning progressed. Although not my fastest marathon, t I was glad to finish with no problem from my hamstring injury in January.

I have now completed the 6 major marathons London New York Boston Chicago Berlin and Tokyo..... Perhaps it’s time to retire from marathon running….

Retire from marathon running...who are you kidding? -Congratulations from all the Harriers!

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