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Wine tasting in the Gironde....with a side-serving of marathon

The Marathon du Médoc is a French marathon race, created in 1985, held every year in September through the vineyards of the Médoc in the Gironde. It is considered "the longest Marathon in the world" because the race is interspersed with several activities: musical breaks with 50 orchestras scattered around the course, and 23 wine tasting stops... what is not to love? Here Susan shares here experience of this years event....

If ever you need a reason to do a marathon this is it. Twenty two wine tastings, oysters. steak

and ice cream, bands and compulsory fancy dress. My son, daughter and I decided to run it as a team. We dressed up as Harry Potter, Hermione Grainger and me as Ron Weasley scarf, tie, cloak, wand red hair and all.

Our strategy had been to run the first half reasonably seriously then start the tastings...... It didn’t quite work out like that! At each chateau everyone slowed to a walk so it seemed rude not to join in. However we did skip a few early on and stuck to water. The atmosphere was amazing and the scenery around the Medoc beautiful

The only drawback is a 6.5 hour cut off and it seems most people aim to do it in about 6 hours and 25 minutes! The Hogwarts team eventually staggered in just under 6 hours and we were in the top half of a field of 8000. Some took it more seriously the first overall male and female win their weight in wine.

For our efforts we were rewarded with a medal, a rucksack with a bottle of wine, a rose for the

women and as much beer as you wanted ( Not much in our case). I would definitely recommend it but not alone, its definitely a team activity

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